Ten Tips for Better Video
Let's avoid the rookie mistakes.
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We see a lot of basic errors when creating videos. These issues can ruin a video but the good news it they are easily avoidable.

Embrace these ten tips and produce better quality video content immediately.

The video illustrates the points; below is a brief summary of the 10 Tips.

1) Shoot Landscape

Vertical video is becoming more supported, but if you’re shooting a video that probably won’t be watched on a phone, shoot widescreen. Also, think about what you’re filming. Cars are wider than they are tall. So are dealerships, service drives, showrooms, parking lots, lakes, race tracks … get the idea?

2) Selfie Mode (or not)

Selfie mode works fine, but you can do more if someone is filming you. You’ll look more professional and you’ll be using the higher quality of the rear-facing camera.

3) Let there be Light!

Make sure there is enough light when you’re filming. Poor lighting produces a poor picture.

4) Zoom = Bad

If you can move closer to your subject that is better than zooming. With most cell phones, “zoom” is really just “magnify” and quality suffers. It’s also harder to hold a zoomed-in shot steady.

5) Avoid the Noise

Loud noise near you or the camera is not only distracting, but it can make it hard to hear what you are saying. You could always yell … but it’s better to avoid the noise.

6) Go for Good Sound

Cell phone cameras do a decent job capturing sound, but if you move too far away from the camera, it sounds terrible. It can be hard to understand what you are saying. Bad sound can make a good video seem awful.

7) Beware the Background

Be aware of what is behind you. Your viewers’ eyes will wander, so don’t have anything unprofessional or distracting in the background. But also note that having nothing in the background means your viewers will overly scrutinize you or your face. You probably don’t want that.

8) Handle with Care

Be slow and smooth with your camera movements. Jerky footage can be unwatchable. Also, if you’re panning across something you know well, you might not need much time to see it. But if it’s new to your viewers they might need more time to take it all in. Slow it down.

9) Airplane Mode!

It’s a good idea to turn on airplane mode so that your filming doesn’t get interrupted by phone calls, text messages or other alerts. But don’t forget to turn airplane mode back off!

10) SMILE!

It is easy to get so focused on your message that you forget to smile. You have to smile! A lot!!


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