Instant Camera, ready to shoot!
It's Happening! The script was reviewed by a few peers and we think it's pretty solid. We entered it in the Cindependent Film Festival so, fingers crossed!
The assassin's weapons kit

Casting is complete! Amanda Bauer will play the role of Andrea, one of the lead roles. David, the primary lead, will be played by Jack Netzel. Thad Bauer, whose home will be the location for most of the film, will play the role of Detective. Those are the good folks.

We have enlisted Laura Dinn to play Erika (a.k.a. “The Fixer”), with writer-director, Terry D. Coates, serving as Standrige, her boss. Laura gets to play with this nice weapons kit! Craig, the programmer, will be played by Edward Greathouse. Those are the less-than-good characters.

We did a table read on Sunday, June 23rd and the script survived with very few changes (and only a couple of typos!). Actors were given notes on their characters’ background and final scripts to study.

Shooting begins the afternoon of June 28 and continues through the weekend. A lot of planning has been done, including breaking down scenes, developing the shot list and final casting. This go ’round makes quite an expansion for us. With Jackson not appearing on screen and Terry having only a bit part, the two can focus more on, well, everything else. We will also have help! While still not a huge crew, we will have extra hands to help with organization, set-ups, and capturing some behind-the-scenes pictures and footage.


Instant Camera table read


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