2023 Cincinnati 48HFP Premiere
Our film was shown at the RJ Cinema Distillery and Taproom on Tuesday evening, September 26th. We had 10 people attend, including some cast and family. Our film was shown along with 10 other films.
View from the filmmaker Q&A at the 48HFP Cincinnati 2023 screenings.

Fun, excitement, and… nerves!

It was a fun night! Tammy (Director) and I arrived at the RJ Cinema early to grab dinner before the festivities. We met Thad Bauer (Bar Patron) and Nicole Bauer (Syrah) and chatted about our film over dinner. Eventually we were joined by Joye Bauer (Kristy Vail), my sister Laurie and two of her daughters, Nikki and Julia. Mike Blessing (Mike) also attended along with Joye’s sister Kendra.

Our film showed in about the middle of the 11 films. I was a little nervious as our film got closer and closer and finally when it was about to start, I thought I would jump out of my seat. But people laughed (even more than I had hoped), including my sister who sat next to me and was thoroughly enjoying herself. It felt great (and was a relief) to have the film well-received.

There were two sound glitches during the screenings, including one in the middle of our film, so that wasn’t great. But all in all our film held its own, stacking up favorably with the other films. It’s hard to be impartial, but we feel like we have some chance at the top three. Which, I guess isn’t saying  all that much considering there are only 10 films eligible for awards (one was a late entry and therefore ineligible).

After the premiere screenings, there was a brief filmmaker Q & A. Everyone was asked about their biggest challenge and the best part of the weekend. I thought our biggest challenge was that I still take on too many roles to do them all well, but I thought the best part of our weekend was how the script came together. I was pretty worried about that, going into the event, but we were able to come up with a good story idea by committee (literally everyone contributed something) and great script by five writers (in my humble opinion). And I got to sleep by 1:30 Friday night while other filmmakers shared that they didn’t get any sleep.

Terry Coates at the Filmmaker Q&A for the 48HFP 2023

Finally, the nominations were read aloud for the various awards. We received several nods, but not for writing! That was interesting, considering I thought we had a great script–and I had just announced that to everyone assembled. And we were nominated for “Special Effects” and I didn’t figure we had any special effects, so…?

I’ll provide the full list of nominations once they are posted!



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