“Ripe” Nominated for 11 Awards!
Ripe for the Pickin' has been nominated for 11 awards in the 48 Hour Film Project 2023 Cincinnati competition!
Ripe for the Pickin' award nominations

Ripe for the Pickin’ Nominated in 11 Categories

As you can see from all of the laurels, our 48 Hour Film Project film in the 2023 Cincinnait program was nominated for 11 of the 14 award categories. Nicole Bauer was nominated for Best Lead Performance and Julia Brown was nominated for Best Supporting Performance.

We were passed over for writing, which is surprising to me because I was pleasantly surprised at how well our story and script came together.

Nicole Bauer and Julia Brown in Ripe for the Pickin'

Nicole Bauer and Julia Brown were both nominated for their performances in Ripe for the Pickin’

We were also passed over for Cinematography, which isn’t terribly surprising. We had such an aggressive shooting schedule with 8 scenes on 7 distinct sets, so we didn’t get a lot of camera movement. On the other hand, I thought the sets looked good and the framing was right… ah, well.

The final category for which we did not receive a nomination was editing. I’ve often wondered how awards for editing are determined since it’s impossible to know what the editor had to work with. But frankly we edited unti we ran out of time. I would like to have had a couple of additonal passes to edit the film better, but that was a sacrifice of spending so much time shooting. It also didn’t help that I did the shooting and editing, so there was no way to do those concurrently.

All in all, though, I think we are happy with the effort we made and the movie we produced. Winning any of these awards would just be icing on the cake.


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